Learn About Mar-Bal

newused1Mar-Bal has been an innovative leader in the thermoset industry since 1970. Expanding from our corporate headquarters in Chagrin Falls, Ohio to strategically located plants in Virginia and Missouri, Mar-Bal provides excellent regional customer service including logistics, just-in-time delivery and, ultimately, cost effectiveness.  We focus on long-term service relationships with every customer we serve. The Mar-Bal advantage is total value commitment. Continuing today, this is the advantage we deliver to our customers.

Mar-Bal is a turnkey operation that our clients rely on for both their custom thermoset molding and material manufacturing needs. By offering our own engineered U.L. recognized molding compounds as well as others when customer-specified while engineering your custom molded parts, we are delivering the unique formula of a total value, one-stop, material-manufacturing, thermoset-molding resource. This comprehensive range of capacity allows us to handle everything from short-run, custom jobs to high-volume production.

In addition, our philosophy incorporates an attitude of continuous improvement. There is always room to refine and advance thermoset disciplines. We strive to be on the cutting edge. Progressive, interactive employees and management are what distinguishes Mar-Bal from our competitors and provides our customers with the total value advantage.  At Mar-Bal, the staff is dedicated to continuously elevating the standards of excellence in thermoset technology and production. Our Total Value Commitment pervades every level – from the plant floor to the boardroom.